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  • Spider-man Across the Spider-verse: The Art of the Movie

    Spider-man Across the Spider-verse: The Art of the Movie

    The official behind-the-scenes tie-in book to Sony Pictures Animation’s Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse ​Miles Morales returns for the next chapter of the Oscar®-winning Spider-Verse saga, an epic adventure that will transport Brooklyn’s full-time, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man across the Multiverse to join forces with Gwen Stacy and a new team of Spider-People to face off with a villain more powerful than anything they have ever encountered. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse: The Art of the Movie takes readers behind the scenes to showcase the art and artistry of Sony Pictures Animation’s highly-anticipated sequel to 2018’s Academy Award–winning animated feature, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The ultimate deep dive into the on-screen return of the Spider-Man multiverse, the book features exclusive concept art, sketches, character designs, and storyboards from the visually innovative film, as well as interviews with key creators such as writers/producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who offer insights into their creative process.


  • Photography 101 Pocket Guide: Exposure Basics, Camera Settings, Lens Info, Composition Tips, and Shooting Scenarios

    Photography 101 Pocket Guide: Exposure Basics, Camera Settings, Lens Info, Composition Tips, and Shooting Scenarios

    Designed for photographers who need just a bit of helpful guidance when they're on the go with their camera, Rocky Nook s handy and ultra-portable quick reference Pocket Guide helps you get the shot when you re out and about. Confirm that your camera is set up properly with the pre-shoot checklist Get a quick refresher on the exposure basics Learn the essential modes and settings you need to know, such as metering, focus, exposure compensation, drive mode, white balance, noise reduction, and more Learn about advanced shooting techniques such as back-button autofocus, auto ISO, and bracketing Master the essential composition techniques that help you capture a great photo Follow tips and techniques for getting great shots in typical scenarios (portrait, landscape, freezing action, low light, etc.)


  • Keys to Drawing

    Keys to Drawing

    "Anyone who can hold a pencil can learn to draw. In this book, Bert Dodson shares his complete drawing system—fifty-five "keys" that you can use to render any subject with confidence


  • The Story of Art Without Men

    The Story of Art Without Men

    How many women artists do you know? Who makes art history? Did women even work as artists before the twentieth century? And what is the Baroque anyway? Guided by Katy Hessel, art historian and founder of @thegreatwomenartists, discover the glittering paintings by Sofonisba Anguissola of the Renaissance, the radical work of Harriet Powers in the nineteenth-century United States and the artist who really invented the “readymade.” Explore the Dutch Golden Age, the astonishing work of postwar artists in Latin America, and the women defining art in the 2020s. Have your sense of art history overturned and your eyes opened to many artforms often ignored or dismissed. From the Cornish coast to Manhattan, Nigeria to Japan, this is the history of art as it’s never been told before.


  • Project 562: Changing the Way We See Native America


  • Drawing Nature for the Absolute Beginner

    Drawing Nature for the Absolute Beginner

    Have you ever experienced the peace of walking through the woods or the excitement of a storm gathering on a beach? Artwork provides the ability for us to capture those moments and share them with others. Drawing Nature for the Absolute Beginner offers a great beginner's course on drawing nature. In their fun and friendly teaching style, Mark and Mary Willenbrink show you how to realistically capture the world around you. All you need to get started are some simple supplies, basic techniques, and inspiration. From field to forest, beach or mountain, begin with a structural sketch, apply values and textures, and, before you know it, you'll be drawing everything you see. You'll even learn how to render favorite wildlife such as chipmunks, deer and eagles! Follow along with easy step-by-step demonstrations to draw rocks, seashells, butterflies and even more developed nature scenes. Gain a working understanding of key concepts such as perspective, value and composition. Discover simple tools and tips you can use right away to improve your art. Your artistic journey can be as pleasant as your final destination with drawing instruction meant for everyone.

  • The Watercolorist's Essential Notebook

    The Watercolorist's Essential Notebook

    This special 10th-anniversary collection combines two of the best-loved North Light watercolor guides available: The Watercolorist's Essential Notebook and The Watercolorist's Essential Notebook: Landscapes. Clarifying and simplifying the various aspects of painting with watercolor, Gordon MacKenzie's The Complete Watercolorist's Essential Notebook will encourage and challenge you with new possibilities. Rather than a list of rules, this is a collection of principles, concepts and general information designed to expand your creative process. Mackenzie shares with you tips, techniques, ideas and lessons for a sure path to creative fulfillment and better watercolor paintings.


  • The Beginner's Photography Guide


  • Wildflower Watercolor: The Beginner's Guide to Painting Beautiful Florals

    Wildflower Watercolor: The Beginner's Guide to Painting Beautiful Florals

    Let Your Creativity Blossom with 30 Beautiful Watercolor Projects Immerse yourself in the world of watercolor with Sushma Hegde's array of stunning botanicals. Wildflower Watercolor is the essential comprehensive guide for beginner painters to learn how to create perfect floral masterpieces. With easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step illustrations, it's never been easier to master the art of watercolor painting. Inside, you will find everything you need to get started, including how to mix colors and create striking new shades, how to make various types of brushstrokes and more. With over 30 projects to choose from-wild herbs such as lavender and chamomile and gorgeous flowers such as poppies, buttercups and forget-menots- anyone can create their very own watercolor work of art. With just a brush, some paint and a little bit of water, you can take the world's floral beauty to the page.


  • Jojo 6251: Hirohiko Araki's World

    Jojo 6251: Hirohiko Araki's World

    Explore the world of Hirohiko Araki!


  • Material World: A Global Family Portrait
  • Crowned: Magical Folk and Fairy Tales from the Diaspora

    Crowned: Magical Folk and Fairy Tales from the Diaspora

    From the New York Times bestselling authors of GLORY, Kahran and Regis Bethencourt of CreativeSoul Photography, comes CROWNED, a collection that completely reimagines how we see our favourite and most beloved childhood fairy and folk tales. Filled with the stunning photography that defines CreativeSoul Photography, this collection features classic fairy tales, African and African American folklore, and exciting new classics–brand new stories created by Kahran and Regis. Included in the collection: The Poisoned Apple; Asha the Little Cinder Girl; The Little Mermaid; Sleeping Beauty; Hansel and Gretel; Little Red Riding Hood; Anasi and the Three Trials; Aku The Sun Maker; How the Zebra Got His Stripes; The Legend of Princess Yennenga; John Henry, the Steel Driving Man; The Cloud Princess, and more! This collection is a must-have for children and parents everywhere and is a joyous celebration of Black beauty and imagination.

  • You Can Draw in 30 Days: The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Draw in One Month or Less

    You Can Draw in 30 Days: The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Draw in One Month or Less

    Learn to draw in 30 days with Emmy award-winning PBS host Mark Kistler.


  • Elden Ring: Official Art Book

    Elden Ring: Official Art Book

    Return to the Lands Between… reunite the fractured world… reforge the Elden Ring! The two-volume Elden Ring: Official Art Book contains a plethora of artworks from the game’s ‘Lands Between’ and its inhabitants in stunning oversized hardcover editions. Volume II includes stunning art of the foes great and small that threaten to end the player’s journey, the weapons used to slay them, and even a list of the many items found within the game… very useful for dedicated fans! This translated English art book contains the same content found in the Japanese edition.


  • The Slip: The New York City Street That Changed American Art Forever


  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: the Art of the Movie

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: the Art of the Movie

    Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the creative minds behind The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street, bring their unique talents to a fresh vision of a different Spider-Man Universe, with a groundbreaking visual style that’s the first of its kind. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse introduces Brooklyn teen Miles Morales, and the limitless possibilities of the Spider-Verse where more than one wears the mask. Unmasking the artistry behind the hotly-anticipated movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse The Art of the Movie contains concept art, sketches, storyboards and will give you fascinating insights into the creative process. With exclusive commentary from the creators, plus a foreword written by Brian Michael Bendis, this extraordinary collection of art will take readers into the Spider-Verse.


  • Watercolor in Nature: Paint Woodland Wildlife and Botanicals with 20 Beginner-Friendly Projects

    Watercolor in Nature: Paint Woodland Wildlife and Botanicals with 20 Beginner-Friendly Projects

    Capture the Natural World with Vibrant Works of Art Nature illustrator Rosalie Haizlett has hiked through countless forests with her sketchbook and watercolors, documenting the plants, animals and landscapes that she encounters. She has also taught tens of thousands of students to paint and appreciate nature's beauty through her popular online classes and in-person workshops. In this book, Rosalie provides step-by-step instruction on how to paint 20 realistic insects, fungi, birds, botanicals and mammals in her vibrant wet- on-dry watercolor style. Pick up the skills you need to become a better observer in the outdoors, take your own reference photos and paint a wide variety of subjects so that you can continue to draw inspiration from nature long after you finish the projects in this book. You'll also learn some fun nature facts along the way! Whether you're a total beginner or ready to take your skills to the next level, Rosalie is here to walk you through every step of the process.


  • The Secret Lives of Color


  • Women Holding Things
  • America the Beautiful: A Story in Photographs

    America the Beautiful: A Story in Photographs

    Featuring more than 300 magnificent National Geographic images of all 50 states--and inspiring words from luminaries across the country--this collection is a gift-worthy celebration of America's unique natural and cultural treasures.


  • Ink & Wash Florals: Stunning Botanical Projects in Watercolor & Ink

    Ink & Wash Florals: Stunning Botanical Projects in Watercolor & Ink

    Combining her passion for teaching with her mastery of both mediums, Camilla Damsbo Brix introduces budding artists to the whimsical beauty of watercolor, with the definition that ink offers, through 22 step-by-step floral compositions so exquisite they won’t believe how easy they are to make. Camilla gives insight into the respective fundamentals of ink and wash through basic techniques and preparatory sketches, where artists will learn crucial things like the difference between wet on wet and wet on dry, varying lines while inking, observational sketching of flowers and capturing harmonious floral compositions. Additionally, with a chapter entirely dedicated to sharing art with loved ones and with a larger artistic community, everyone will be well on their way to confidently and consistently blossoming in their practice. With Camilla’s gentle guidance, readers will be inking and painting classics like roses, lilacs and daisies, as well as annual beauties like dahlias, cosmos and sunflowers and lesser-known species like plumerias, gerberas and hellebores. This book has something for everyone, be it watercolor lovers trying to explore ink and vice versa, beginners wishing to grasp the intricacies of mixed media, or artists looking to strengthen their skills with elegant compositions they can proudly display. This book contains 22 projects and 22 photographs plus step-by-steps.

  • The Imagineering Story: The Official Biography of Walt Disney Imagineering
  • The Art of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

    The Art of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

    Hunting demons has never been so beautiful than in this collection of art from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba!


  • Seeing It All: Women Photographers Expose Our Planet

    Seeing It All: Women Photographers Expose Our Planet

    Eleven visionary photographers — who happen to be women — focus upon moments of profound beauty and peril on our planet. As award recipients and jurors of the prestigious BigPicture international competition, these women are featured with more than 125 dramatic images that illustrate the extraordinary complexity of the natural world and challenge our very relations and perceptions of it. Seeing It All goes beyond the glamorising images of nature and wildlife that are typically shown. Here, images connect the seen to the hidden, abundance with disappearance, icebergs to indigenous portraits, animal sanctuaries and climate scientists, and heart to head. These intrepid individuals use photography to expose how we — humans, animals, nature — are living together in these precipitous times. Each photographer provides a concise manifesto arising from their commitment to life on the planet, which is accompanied by a short profile and behind-the scenes insights into their activities. Join Ami Vitale, Cristina Mittermeier, Suzi Eszterhas and others as they venture from Africa to the Arctic, through deep oceans to distant islands. Be witness to the last animal of its species. Delight in the birth of the next generation. The significance and urgency of Seeing It All is expressed in the introduction by Rhonda Rubinstein, plus essays by renowned writer, historian, and activist Rebecca Solnit, and neuroscientist, writer and stage director Indre Viskontas.

  • Understanding Comics

    Understanding Comics

    A look at the history, meaning, and art of comics and cartooning. Using comics to examine the medium itself, the author takes the form of a cartoon character and explains the structure, meaning, and appeal of comics, and provides a running analysis of comics as art, literature, and communication.


  • Remarkable Football Grounds

    Remarkable Football Grounds

    Shortlisted for the 2023 Illustrated Sports Book of the Year Remarkable Football Grounds is a collection of some of the most memorable places to watch and play football around the world.


  • Accidentally Wes Anderson


  • Wabi-Sabi, For Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers


  • Morpho: Simplified Forms; Anatomy for Artists

    Morpho: Simplified Forms; Anatomy for Artists

    This small, portable book presents a unique perspective on the human body for artists to study and implement in their drawing work. In this book, artist and teacher Michel Lauricella simplifies the human body into basic, synthetic shapes and forms, offering profound insight for artists of all kinds, sparking the imagination and improving one's obse


  • Tom Ford

    Tom Ford

    Tom Ford has become one of fashion's great icons. He transformed Gucci from a moribund accessories label into one of the sexiest fashion brands in the world. His designs have increased sales at Gucci tenfold and have helped build the Gucci brand into the luxury goods conglomerate that it is today. Ford brought a hard-edged style synonymous with 21st century glamour to his clothes, and Hollywood sat up and took note. This book is a complete catalogue of Ford's design work for both Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent from 1994 to 2004. It chronicles not only Ford's clothing and accessories designs for both houses, but also explores Ford's grand vision for the complete design of a brand, including architecture, store design, and advertising. Tom Ford features more than 200 photographs by Richard Avedon, Mario Testino, Steven Meisel, Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, Terry Richardson, Craig McDean, Todd Eberle, and numerous other photographers including many previously unpublished images. Published to coincide with his departure from Gucci, this book has been created with Ford's full cooperation and every page reflects his exceptional taste. It is Ford's testament to a career of singular moments reinventing the boundaries of style and sensuality in clothing.


  • The Animator's Survival Kit: A Manual of Methods, Principles and Formulas for Classical, Computer, Games, Stop Motion and Internet Animators


  • Plant Magick

    Plant Magick

    Celebrating the magick of the natural realm, Volume IV of The Library of Esoterica, delves into the symbolism, ceremony, and our ritual relationships with the botanical world. A visual journey through our interdependent evolution with nature, Plant Magick celebrates botanicals as creative muse – from ancient Greek sculptures to Renaissance paintings to visionary art inspired by psychoactive plants, cacti, and mushrooms. Our myths, beliefs, and shared stories are continually reflected in nature; purity represented by the white lily or spiritual awakening by the bloom of the lotus. Our joys and laments are mirrored in the cycle of the seasons, in the seed birthing sprout, or in the dead leaf falling softly from winter branches. Plants, trees, and flowers as signifiers of transition are also deeply embedded within rites of passage rituals across global cultures. Rose petals strewn along the wedding aisle mark the evolution into womanhood and marriage. A wreath of lilies stands sentinel over an open grave. A lover’s bouquet awaits on the doorstep. The wooden May Day pole is circled by girls wearing crowns of woven daisies, celebrating the coming of spring. Birth, unions, and burials – cycles of joyful celebration and deep grieving, all are marked symbolically with herbs, flowers or branches of a tree – the integration of nature into ceremony our method of signifying catharsis. Since time immemorial, plants have also served as potent symbols within the religions of the world; Buddha attaining enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, Eve plucking the Apple of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. From root to vibrant blossom, Plant Magick explores the fertile, interconnected history between plants and people, the multitude of ways in which we embrace plants in spiritual ceremony, as healing medicine, as creative muse and as gateways into deeper explorations of consciousness.


  • Paint by Sticker Masterpieces: Re-Create 12 Iconic Artworks One Sticker at a Time!

    Paint by Sticker Masterpieces: Re-Create 12 Iconic Artworks One Sticker at a Time!

    Move over, Renoir! Peel the sticker, Place the sticker, And watch your painting come to life. Set up your studio, pop on a beret, and squeeze out some metaphorical oil paints! PAINT BY STICKER:MASTERPIECES includes everything you need to complete 12 of the world's greatest works of art and have a priceless good time doing it. And note-the card-stock pages are perforated, so the newly minted masterpiece can easily be removed for framing.


  • Georgia O'keeffe: To See Takes Time


  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
  • Chicago Then and Now

    Chicago Then and Now

    Chicago Then and Now pairs vintage shots from 100 years of the city's history with the same view today Chicago is a city that through history has triumphed over nature and disaster. It has bounced back from a calamitous fire, re-engineered the flow of the Chicago River and challenged gravity with a series of pioneering skyscrapers. Chicago Then and Now pairs archival photos with modern views to tell the story of the city’s rich history. It is a story of determination and pride, and the evocative photos on these pages reflect the many faces of Chicago’s heritage. Sites include: Grant Park, Lincoln Park, Wabash Avenue, Lake Street, Marshall Field's, State Street, Palmer House, Reliance Building, the Chicago, Majestic and Biograph Theatres, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Cultural Center, South Michigan Avenue, North Michigan Avenue, Board of Trade Building, The Rookery, Old Colony Building, Dearborn Street Station, Chicago and North Western Terminal, Illinois Central Railyards, State Street Bridge, Michigan Avenue Bridge (cover image), Wacker Drive, Chicago River from the Wrigley Building, Water Tower, Lake Shore Drive, Navy Pier, Oak Street Beach, Merchandise Mart, Wrigley Field, Comiskey Park, the Union Stockyards, and much more.

  • Gurren Lagann: Archives

    Gurren Lagann: Archives

    Bust through the heavens with your soul, Gurren Lagann! Featuring buxom babes, brutal beastmen, and mountainous mecha as only GAINAX can deliver, Gurren Lagann is a non-stop roller coaster of all-out anime action! Gurren Lagann Archives is an epic 488-page ultimate collection of illustrations from this landmark series. Inside you’ll find hundreds of designs for characters, vehicles, mecha, and locations, plus color artwork, rare pieces, and more!

  • Framed Ink: Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers


  • The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy


  • Locals Only: California Skateboarding 1975-1978


  • The Art of Haikyu!!: Endings and Beginnings

    The Art of Haikyu!!: Endings and Beginnings

    A deluxe art book showcasing Haruichi Furudate's incredible artwork from the hit manga series Haikyu!!


  • Harry Potter Coloring Wizardry

    Harry Potter Coloring Wizardry

    Bursting with beautiful, exclusive illustrations, Harry Potter: Coloring Wizardry is a must-have coloring book for fans of the magical film series.Escape to one of the most beloved series of all time! Harry Potter: Coloring Wizardry takes fans on a film-by-film journey through the wizarding world with over 80 illustrations of beloved scenes for fans of all ages to color—from Harry’s first-ever Quidditch match in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to the battle of Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2. With compelling and intricate designs perfect for hours of relaxation and creativity, Harry Potter: Coloring Wizardry is the perfect opportunity to celebrate every fan’s love for the Harry Potter films.


  • Diablo Book of Lorath


  • Dressing Barbie: A Celebration of the Clothes That Made America's Favorite Doll and the Incredible Woman Behind Them


  • The Lost Words: A Spell Book


  • Book of Earth: A Guide to Ochre, Pigment, and Raw Color

    Book of Earth: A Guide to Ochre, Pigment, and Raw Color

    Art meets science in this guide to creating colour with earth’s extraordinary pigments and understanding their uses throughout history Part anthropological study, part art book, and part how-to, Book of Earth immerses you in the world of ochre, a naturally occurring mineral used to make pigment. Each chapter explores Gustafson’s rare pigment archive and provides a thorough exploration of color. The book also includes practical advice and techniques for creating your own pigments, alongside projects to apply your new skill set. Called the “ochre whisperer” by American Craft, and noted as the “woman archiving the world’s ochre,” in the New York Times, Heidi Gustafson collaborated with Jason Logan on Abrams’ bestselling book Make Ink. She is featured in Logan’s upcoming documentary, The Colour of Ink, as the ochre-ista. Her personal archive of more than 400 pigments from around the globe is a unique treasure, and her passion and field experience will captivate you from the first page to the last.


  • Watercolor With Me: In the Ocean

    Watercolor With Me: In the Ocean

    Dana Fox, author of Watercolor with Me: In the Forest and founder of Wonder Forest, provides fifty new marine-themed projects in this beginner-friendly watercolour guide. Known for her whimsical art style and straightforward instruction, Dana leads you through three major watercolour techniques: wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, and ink-and-wash. Best of all, there’s no sketching required, so you can focus on each painting method.


  • Emergent Tokyo: Designing the Spontaneous City

    Emergent Tokyo: Designing the Spontaneous City

    ""A clearly articulated manifesto for those trying to preserve Tokyo’s emergent properties

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