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  • Obsession


  • The Boys from Biloxi


  • The Girl in the Eagle's Talons


  • The White Lady


  • Storm Watch


  • Dark Angel


  • Only the Dead


  • Killing Moon


  • Prom Mom


  • Flags on the Bayou


  • Circle of Death


  • The It Girl


  • Traitors Gate

    Traitors Gate

    24 hours to stop the crime of the century The race against time is about to begin… THE TOWER OF LONDON…Impenetrable. Well protected. Secure. Home to the most valuable jewels on earth. But once a year, when the Queen attends the State Opening of Parliament, the Metropolitan Police must execute the most secret operation in their armory as they transport the Crown Jewels across London. SCOTLAND YARD…For decades, the elite squad at Scotland Yard have been in charge of the operation. And for decades, it’s run like clockwork. THE HEIST…But this year, everything is about to change. Because a master criminal has set his sights on pulling off the most outrageous theft in history—and with a man on the inside, the odds are in his favor. Unless the team can stop him before it’s too late… An unputdownable new thriller from the master storyteller ”Only someone like Jeffrey Archer . . . could have written a compelling story like this.”—David Baldacci “Archer is a master entertainer.”—Time “One of the top ten storytellers in the world.”—Los Angeles Times “A storyteller in the class of Alexandre Dumas.”—The Washington Post


  • The Only Survivors


  • Where Is Joe Merchant?: A Novel Tale


  • Murder in the Family


  • The Quiet Tenant


  • An Evil Heart

    An Evil Heart

    Chief of Police Kate Burkholder investigates the brutal death of a young Amish man in An Evil Heart, the latest installment of the bestselling series by Linda Castillo. On a crisp autumn day in Painters Mill, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder responds to a call only to discover an Amish man who has been violently killed with a crossbow, his body abandoned on a dirt road. Aden Karn was just twenty years old, well liked, and from an upstanding Amish family. Who would commit such a heinous crime against a young man whose life was just beginning? The more Kate gets to know his devastated family and the people-both English and Amish-who loved him, the more determined she becomes to solve the case. Aden Karn was funny and hardworking and looking forward to marrying his sweet fiancé, Emily. All the while, Kate's own wedding day to Tomasetti draws near... But as she delves into Karn's past, Kate begins to hear whispers about a dark side. What if Aden Karn wasn't the wholesome young man everyone admired? Is it possible the rumors are a cruel campaign to blame the victim? Kate pursues every lead with a vengeance, sensing an unspeakable secret no one will broach. The case spirals out of control when a young Amish woman comes forward with a horrific story that pits Kate against a dangerous and unexpected opponent. When the awful truth is finally uncovered, Kate comes face to face with the terrible consequences of a life lived in all the dark places.


  • No Plan B


  • A Certain Hunger


  • Camp Damascus


  • The Raging Storm


  • The Way of the Bear


  • Pink Lemonade Cake Murder


  • The Ferryman


  • A Most Agreeable Murder


  • The Rabbit Hutch


  • Bel Canto


  • Tom Clancy Weapons Grade


  • Better Off Dead


  • Tides of Fire

    Tides of Fire

    In the latest riveting thriller from the #1 New York Times bestselling author, an international research station in the Coral Sea comes under siege during a geological disaster that triggers massive quakes, deadly tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. To stop the world from burning, it’s up to Sigma Force to uncover a secret buried at the heart of our planet. The Titan Project—an international research station off the coast of Australia—discovers a thriving zone of life in an otherwise dead sea. The area teems with a strange bioluminescent coral that defies science, yet holds great promise for the future. But the loss of a military submarine in the area triggers a brutal attack and sets in motion a geological disaster that destabilizes an entire region.Massive quakes, volcanic eruptions, and deadly tsunamis herald a greater cataclysm to come—for something is stirring miles under the ocean, a threat hidden for millennia. As seas turn toxic and coastlines burn, can Sigma Force stop what has been let loose—especially as an old adversary returns, hunting them and thwarting their every move? For any hope of success, Commander Gray Pierce must search for a key buried in the past, hidden deep in Aboriginal mythology. But what Sigma could uncover is even more frightening—something that will shake the very foundations of humanity.


  • Rock Bottom


  • Carrie


  • Where Are the Children Now?


  • The Golden Spoon


  • My Heart Is a Chainsaw


  • Tom Clancy Flash Point


  • City of Dreams


  • Dead Man's Wake

    Dead Man's Wake

    On the evening of their engagement party, Maine Game Warden Investigator Mike Bowditch and Stacey Stevens witness what seems to be a hit-and-run speedboat crash on a darkened lake. When they arrive at the scene, their spotlight reveals a gruesome sight: a severed arm beneath the surface. As day breaks, the warden dive team recovers not one but two naked corpses: the dismembered man and the married woman with whom he was having an affair. Mike begins to suspect the swimmers' deaths were not a senseless accident but a coldly calculated murder. Meanwhile, the hunt is on for the mysterious boater. Suspects abound on the lake, nicknamed 'Golden Pond', and every discovery leads to a new mystery. Alone among his fellow officers, Mike begins to sense the involvement of a trained professional, smarter and more dangerous than any enemy he has faced. As Mike and Stacey get closer to identifying the killer, their own lives are suddenly put on the line, leading to a confrontation designed to silence them forever.


  • The Picture of Dorian Grey

    The Picture of Dorian Grey

    "'A triumph of execution ... one of the best narratives of the "double life" of a Victorian gentleman' Peter AckroydOscar Wilde's alluring novel of decadence and sin was a succès de scandale on publication. It follows Dorian Gray who


  • All the Dangerous Things

    All the Dangerous Things

    Following up her instant New York Times bestseller, A Flicker in the Dark, Stacy Willingham delivers a totally gripping thriller about a desperate mother with a troubled past.


  • A World of Curiosities

    A World of Curiosities

    Chief Inspector Armand Gamache returns in the eighteenth book in #1 New York Times bestseller Louise Penny's beloved series.


  • Finlay Donovan Is Killing It


  • The Hunting Party


  • The Survivor


  • The Violin Conspiracy
  • The Traitor Among Us


  • The Last Sinner: A Chilling Thriller With a Shocking Twist


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